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This morning I had the first Aikido class in 2021. In order to avoid contacts, we do some UKEMI practice-back rolls and front rolls) but no other techniques for some time.  Instead, we do Bokken (I believe some other classes, they use Jo). I like Aikido (regular techniques) but I also like Bokken, as I feel like I can become Samurai! (or Kimetsu member?)

Though I have been practicing almost every day while we had no classes, I am so SORE and exhausted.  (Now I come to think of it, it could be due to so many repeats of Forward roll!)  For Bokken, I am still stiff and not relaxed and towards the end of the class, my hands (wrists) are so tired.  (I have bad wrists-both left and right, due to too much golf packed in the summer while I am in British Columbia!).  I hope I feel OK tomorrow!

Bokken is fun when we do Kirikaeshi (we did not do Suburi today, but focused on Kirikaeshi.) I love the sound of Bokken!

I am not sure why but I drink so much liquid all day Sunday after the class.  It is as if I am forever thirsty!  (I heard from my friend from high school days-one of my friends of Online Idobata- that she suffered from extreme dehydration and felt sick. ) As long as I go to Aikido class every week, I do not think I need to worry about dehydration.!

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