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Two days ago, I had online meeting with people of Caspar.AI, which has AI software( for residence.).  I facilitated the seminar at Roppongi Academy Hills last summer with them, and they set up online meeting to update me.

I heard that they have been very active and busy offering their product to the senior community in the US.  With Covid-19 which restricts visit by families with their parents and families at senior housing and the increasing need for families to care for their parents etc. who live away, their software (I hear it is now much simpler and can be installed easily than the time we had them for our seminar) has been in high demand.  I thought there should be  keen need  in Japan for their product  as we are fast aging and we have had the same issue of not able to visit/care our elderly. During the meeting  we discussed as to whom to target and how to reach them.

As I wrote about this meeting on facebook and tweet, it received quite a few comments and questions.  So I want to make blog entry  about them.  Here is their website.  (I plan to write on my Japanese blog, too.)

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