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12112484_1627534727517308_7358261696791206300_nHave you spent a day without hearing the term AI or Robot recently? Artificial Intelligence seems to have captured our attention more so than election and trade agreement these days. In fact, I heard about General Artificial Intelligence as the great future possibility on 60minutes“60 minutes” by CBS this morning.
We will host the special session on General Purpose Artificial Intelligence, which is supposed to do anything we can do, unlike specialised AI we often hear. Specialised AI is great to perform certain functions such as chess etc. Can you imagine AI which can do ANYTHING? If it becomes the reality, do we still need to work or can we spend our days having fun doing what we want to do?

To answer these questions and to think about the potential opportunities, we will have Dr. Hiroshi Yamakawa, chair person of Whole Brain Architecture Initiiative  ( a part of Dwango company, as our special guest on November 3. This special event is open for all including those of Davos Experience of Tokyo series, Global Agenda Seminar series, Nitobe Seminar series and Fukuzawa seminar series etc.
If you are interested in finding out what AGI is and what kind of society we will have when it is completed, come & join us. Dr. Yamakawa will explain in simple English, take questions and join our brainstorming sessions where we will think about opportunities in the  society when AGI becomes the reality, and not Science Fiction. This event is supported by his organization WBAI. For details and registration, go to this site.  If you need to register in Japanese you can do so through this site. Hope many of you will join us at the session on Thursday, Nov. 3 (national holiday). Networking event will follow.

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