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While the world is faced with climate change, horrible killing of children by chemical weapons in Syria, & many more uncertainties regarding the economy in Asia than few years ago, Japan seems to be back to stability (probably dull?) . During the first half of this year,  Japan was the focus of  great attention from the rest of the world,  as rather “unorthodox” policies by Abe Administration have been implemented one after another.

Now that the election is over with the overwhelming victory by LDP, things seem not to move as in the first half.  As many parts of Japan (like the rest of the world) have suffered from unusually brutal summer, it may be understandable that not much has been underway.

That is precisely the reason we are holding session No.7 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” on September 6 under the title of “Your action plan to change Japan.” .  Following up on our discussion on “Can Japan change?” in June,  we are in the process of collecting ideas to change Japan at our website. Quite a few ideas have been uploaded.  On September 6, we will discuss these ideas and hopefully develop a specific action plan.

We welcome any new ideas for your plan of action to change Japan and/or comments on ideas already uploaded.  Do check our website, register and join us on September 6.  We are the agent of change ourselves! We cannot afford wait around for the government to DO something.  We need to be a Doer.

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