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ageintRecently I came across with several occasions where I noticed something rather shaky about ageing.   One was the incident I experienced recently at the senior residence my Dad has lived over four years. As we were waiting for the cab to take me to the station, a lady (probably in 80s, I have not known her before) came up to me and said she had something to tell me. She started talking about the story, but her main message was that my father is stalking her and she finds it very inconvenient and worrisome.
I was quite perplexed and confused as I had no idea what she was talking about. As we were near the front office, I looked over to the staff I knew to find out how I should deal with her. They seemed to indicate that her story is illusion and not true. (I had known that he has a friend he eats almost everyday, but not her.)
Staff tried to convince her that she told me her story and that is fine.   Then the cab came and I left.  When I said good by to my Dad, he  made a comment that she is rather strange. I left at that, quite convinced that it was her illusion and not facts.
As I reflect upon it, however, I was caught by some uncomfortable feelings.  It was not because of the behaviours of my father (who just turned 95) but because of the reality of ageing I saw in others. (I have seen my Dad being confused about things, time, etc. on some days and his friends asking same questions every 20 minutes or so. So I am rather used to it.)
I was struck by the seriousness I found in this lady’s story. I was quite worried and almost scared as ageing happens to us all. (I am a baby boomer generation!)

IMG_2385Then I recalled my experience in New York during very recent trip. I went to see the play “The Humans” which won Tony for the best play. (Photo on the left is stage of the Humans). It was the story of a family on one day and describes (some is my guess as I could not quite catch everything and subtle nuances here and there.) how ageing may affect the family and sometimes destroy it.  As it was so powerful and heavy, I could not write or talk about it easily.  As I had dinner with my mentor and his wife who are in 80s after I saw it, they said that they decided not to see the play as they heard about the story.  When we were talking about ageing and  when I said that I would NOT like to live until 90s or so, my mentor said that you could not control that.  It was obvious that they felt the reality of ageing.

Ageing is often described as something very negative and I have tried recently to take a much more positive view of it, as in “100-year life”.  At the same time, it you see it yourself in your family or close friends, it is quite natural and understandable that you start taking it as your own issue and become worried.

As I reflect upon these recent incidents, I cannot but hope that brain research would advance more to explore the functions of brain and how we could hopefully prevent the deterioration.  I am baby boomer generation and I strongly hope that brain research would shed more light in the near future before it is too late for ME!   In order to make it easier? I went to Aikido class this morning as I thought exercise is good and so is learning new techniques… Would it work? Let us see…

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