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This afternoon, I joined the session entitled “GENDER DIVERSITY: AS THE FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IN ASIA” at AESC Virtual Global conference.  This conference is 3-day event and today was the last day.  As it is global, the time schedule looks quite strange  (my session which starts at 1:20 pm JST was listed around midnight -I suppose it is US East coast time?)

I had received the inquiry and invitation to join a while ago through my website, with list of possible session topics. Most of them were related to diversity and women. I picked up the topic above as I could talk about role of diversity at corporate board etc. from my own experiences.

At our prep. meeting a while ago, we decided to do it in discussion format where moderators ask me questions and I respond, rather than me making slide presentation. In fact, I welcome the discussion/interactive format much better than presentation.   I was quite worried, however,  about whether technical arrangement would work, as I had some difficulty accessing during our prep. meeting.  I managed to confirm the log in procedure this morning (this week has been quite hectic for me, as I was traveling!) and we started the session.

For the session,  I had done some research on the status of diversity and corporate performance etc. (Gender Gap report etc), During the 25- min. session, (with no technical problem!) I talked about the differences in women leadership status in Asia by countries and how it has evolved.  I shared my own experience of serving on corporate board (I served as non-executive director at more than 10 companies so far! I found)

I am relieved we were able to finish the session without any problem and am grateful for this type of opportunity.  I wish I had time to watch other sessions. (

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