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I gave a talk (in Japanese) at Adobe Webinar this afternoon.  My topic was “Making best use of Digital Transportation to enhance Customer Experience and to acquire competitive advantage.”  I made the title of my talk as “Combining imagination/creativity of people with digital transformation to enhance customer experience.” to emphasize not only digital data, but also people’s imagination is critical to personalize customer experience.

I have worked on the outline and slide in the past few weeks, as this is a new topic for me.  We had briefing meeting few weeks ago and I learned how to make sure that technical side works.  (It was the first time for me to use their platform GotoMeeting.)

We met for last minute preparation, half an hour before the event today and I struggled to make  my video works. (It took a while for me to get my Mac Book Air camera work! as I could not tell  the cause of the problem..)  Several minutes before the event, we were able to make it work.

I gave a talk a bit longer than half and hour and responded to the question raised by the moderator, Kyohei of Adobe.

I believe the recording of the webinar will be available soon and once I receive the link, I will post it on my blog, So stay tuned…

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