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IMG_4658 Today, Feb. 15 was a full day with many different activities. Started the day early (it was COLD!) with Aikido class (second day this weekend). Only three students with two instructors and it was quite intensive. (It is good, but I am quite sore…)

It was followed by the workshop with executives of the Japanese company, as a part of global exec. ed. program. I did it in interactive style, without cases etc., so I was quite nervous over the past few weeks wondering whether it would go OK or not.   The discussion turned quite interesting. I enjoyed it and feel quite relieved.

After that session, I had Dad over for dinner at my place. (I love cooking and eating at home is very nice way to relax after a tough day!)

IMG_4654As often, my Dad called me twice to check time AND showed up earlier than I had asked him to come. (Now I am used to it, so I do NOT panic or get mad…)

We ate together, and he loved what I cooked. (I was starving, too, so it was delicious!) We finished with flavored coffee and bitter chocolate.
I was going to try hot wine (I bought herb for hot wine recommended by my friend), but I am too tired to even try that!

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