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When I was listening to BBC Global News this morning while exercising, I heard about the Sun City, retirement community in Arizona, California etc.  This is the community for those over 55 (I believe)  with the country club style, including golf courses, fitness centers, nice restaurant etc. developed by Del Webb. There are several  reasons this story caught my attention:

1. I have been at Sun City in California and it brought back nice memories several years ago.

2. It was on BBC, rather than the U.S. news media.

3. I liked the idea of “active” lifestyle first introduced by Del Web, who developed Sun City concept.

The program contrasted the stereotypical image of retired people who do not want to stay away from families (i.e. grandchildren) and would lead rather quiet (i.e. dull) life with the “active” lifestyle.  It had several interviews with people who moved there from the Midwest etc. where the weather is severe.   I particularly liked the “active” aspect of it, as I believe people, regardless of age, can be “active” in their own ways.  It does not have to be “physical”(exercise etc.), but “social”– meeting with people, and do something for the community/world.   It is true that you need to be reasonably well off to live in the Sun City, and yet the introduction of “active” life for the retired by Del Webb has made some impact in the way people think about the lifestyle.

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