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I heard on the English podcast recently that acting like one makes you one.  They were discussing the study which shows that people end up becoming optimistic if they act like one.  It makes some sense to me, as I am one of those who believe that behaviors and actions can lead to the change/shift  in mentality.

I  do not quite believe that having strong will will solve many of the problems.  I often hear that if only the people in the company change their mentality or way of thinking, it will change.  I do not  buy the idea, as I feel it is extremely difficult to change your mentality alone.    I believe changing behaviors and actions is easier way to change your mentality.

So if you find yourself becoming pessimistic, try to act like an optimist.  You may be surprised at the result.   I feel that the US  tends to make me feel positive, optimistic, leading me to believe “I can” mentality, because I almost automatically respond with “Doing great”, “Moving along”, “I am fine,” etc. when somebody asks me “Hi, How are you? How have you been?”  If you find yourself say “You are doing great”, you almost convince yourself that you are doing great.  It is the world of “half full” and “great market for shoes” rather than “half empty” “no market for shoes as everybody is bare-footed”.

I say to myself in the mirror “Go for it,  make today another great day” in the morning.  It seems to work!

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