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Tomorrow (JST) is the big day for Academy awards.  It will take place in the US west coast on Sunday and we will get to see the result sometime Monday. There have been some interviews on podcast with directors/actors of the best picture nominated films.  This year, I have NOT seen any of the nominees for Best picture, which is quite unusual.  I wanted to see 1917, but have not got around to see it.  I saw Once upon a time in Hollywood on the flight, (I had some reason for it), but stopped in the middle as I was so distracted by other things. The list of nominees is here.

These years, rather than the award itself, the speech by the winners seem to attract more attention.  This year, with US Presidential election and impeachment trial, I am sure there will be quite a few mentions regarding them.

As far as the best picture is concerned, top choices seem to be 1917 and parasite.

I have been quite exhausted with following the news on impeachment, election and now corona virus, (in addition to rushing to complete the book!) I welcome lighter items.  Will see whether we get it or not.

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