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This afternoon, I gave a talk for the Darden Japan group on Where is Japan in 2019?

To my regret, I did not follow my own guideline for giving a talk.  First of all, I did not find out the audience group (first year MBA students) and second of all, I did not finish in time.  For the second one, I lost track of time and got carried away talking about something that has little relevance to the group (but something I am quite passionate about!).  As I come to think of it, I did not understand the audience this time either. (I gave a similar talk beginning of last year and I assumed it would be the same type of group- I believe it was different, now.)

If I had known that the audience would be first year student, I would have introduced stories of some intrapreneur (starting new project within the big corporation), start up who will represent Japan at the Startup Worldcup this year, and the person the big company she worked for went under and had to figure out her own career, and the one who changed the job three times starting from Bank of Japan,  all of whom are past participants of the seminar series I run.  These stories would have described “Where is Japan in 2019?” much more vividly than the overview I gave.

So I feel quite embarrassed not following my own guideline that I advocate to others.  It was nice, however,  to  meet with young MBA students, and some alum of Darden school I have NOT met for some years. I wish I could have done much better job.  Learning never ends…

I wonder if it is because I hit my head walking into the glass door, (in addition to broken nose) that I was so absent-minded and carried away. (This is half joke, half serious…)

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