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FullSizeRender (1)On my way from Dubai, I asked the cabin attendant to take a photo of me sitting in the Business class seat.  As I love flying, I often ask them to do so. (I always look so happy right before we take off!)  As he took some photo, he said something about coming up to the First class cabin.

I thought that probably it is my lucky day and they would upgrade me to the first class as both first class and business class were far from full.  (In fact, it happened a few times in the past!) I was all excited and was ready to enjoy the luxury of the first class! (Business class is nice, but who can resist the first class comfort?)

IMG_8953After we reached the cruising altitude, he invited me to the first class cabin and showed me to the first seat.  There was a small suitcase placed at the side of the seat, and I asked him what I should do with it, assuming that it would be my seat!  He showed me to the seat without response and asked me whether I wanted to wear the hat of the cabin attendant.  I said fine and we took some more photos.

He must have realized that I misunderstood and told me he needed to follow the procedure and would not be able to let me stay in the first class throughout the flight to Haneda.  I fully understand it, but was disappointed nonetheless.

It was me that misunderstood the situation… I went back to the business class seat and enjoyed the movie, Steve Jobs..

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