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I realized again that having no internet connection is a bit of scare today. I checked in at the hotel in Osaka this afternoon, and was ready to check my e-mail and to tweet. Though there was a LAN cable, my PC did not respond and I could not access! As I wanted to respond to some e-mail I had received, I was getting desperate.
I called the hotel staff several times who brought different cables and it still did not work. As I had to go out to another meeting, I left the issue to the hotel staff. In fact, I called the hotel to reserve the rental PC, in vain. (All of them were checked out for the day!)
I also brought my iPad with me which works with wi-fi, but I am still new to iPad and there are quite a few things I cannot do easily, such as writing my blog on iPad. –It is simply I do not know how to move page up and down!
As my despair must have caught the attention of the hotel staff, they came into my room, checked the LAN and fixed the cable. Now I feel I have revived! Probably I am becoming so tied down with the Internet, and it is no good.
As a matter of fact, I saw so many people at the airport when they came out of the plane, looking at their cell phone to check messages! It looked as if they were not interested in where they are, but wanted to be connected! (I felt it was rather strange when I saw them, but probably I am becoming one of them! )

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