New Year’s Day in 2021 is a bit different from past years.  The photo of me with my Dad last year enjoying New Year’s cuisine showed up on my facebook page.  He passed away in early September and no more New Year’s day lunch with him I have done in the past several years.  I realized that all my close family members (in Japan)-my husband, my mother and now my father- are not around any more and it made me a bit sad. But  I recall every time I was overseas with business etc. I was always worried about them, wondering whether they are OK while I am away.   I miss them very much, but at the same time, I realize I need not worry about them now as they are at better place.  In other words, I am FREE from worries.

So I spent New Year’s day doing usual things-daily workout jog around the park. I worked on my draft of the paper due in the middle of January. I was getting a bit bored, so I went out on my bike.

As no place is open except convenience stores, I decided to go back to “fake domestic help role Part 3”.  I washed bed sheets, vacuum the kitchen and living room, made bed etc. etc.  (I almost finished cleaning fridge last night, but I needed a bit more.)

So it was a bit different New Year’s Day, but good, nonetheless.