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BC(3)We are coming close to the end of Boot Camp Phase 1, with one more session scheduled next Tuesday, June 25.  As I heard that it might be better to start the session with light, easy topics rather than concepts of critical thinking such as claim, evidence and underlying assumptions. Thus I began this morning with asking what weekend plans the students have. (It is TGIF!)  It was a way to engage everybody from the start on light topic.

Then we come to the main topic of the session, Critical Thinking.   As I wrote the other day, this year, I have asked students to design the sessions. They are very creative in thinking of group activities and exercises to learn the tips.

BC1(4) Today, the chapter was on Technique of Persuasion.  After the brief introduction of main concepts covered in the Chapter, we  tried the fun exercise students created.

The student leader picked the product, Apple(fruit, and not the company)  and told us five people we need to persuade to buy apple from us.  The five people included those with some reference to Apple–S. Jobs, Adam,Sir Newton, etc.  After we took volunteers to play the role of the five people to be sold, the rest of the students worked in teams to develop a persuasive plan to sell an Apple.

BC2 After 10 minutes or so, we had a series of role play–students sales team trying to persuade the client.   It was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot.  Some teams were successful in persuading their client to buy Apple, while others ended up having a tough client.

I am always amazed at the creativity of the students and I myself  learn a lot from it.  Students are also much more engaged and seem to laugh much more!b (Photos showing students developing plan in small groups.)

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