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On Sunday, we had session #2 of Global Agenda Seminar 2013.  I began the session with the introduction of my activities for two weeks since we had the session #1 on June 1.  It was full of activities such as East Asia Forum in Myanmar, Japan meeting in Tokyo, both of which were organized by the World Economic Forum.  In addition, the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit 2013 was also held in Tokyo with many executives from all over the world.

I was given the opportunity to participate in all of them and I wanted to share my experiences with the GAS 2013 participants.  (Many things are available in the form of web cast etc., but my impressions and lessons learned I wanted to share with them.)

After that, we got into the main objective of the session.  The first two sessions of GAS 2013 are for the introduction of  basic problem solving skills and writing.  I tried to use the participants reports for the first session to explain logical thinking and writing.  It was because I thought using their own reports would make the session more relevant to them, rather than my explaining the reference book.

One thing, however, was missing during the session #2.  It was the opportunity  for every participant to speak up.  As I believe the  opportunity to speak up, share one’s view/position with others and collaborate to think of various alternative solutions is the key to developing global leaders, I usually make sure that everybody gets the chance to speak at least once during the  session.  I even made it a rule and almost force them!  This time, I completely forgot about it and ended up  talking almost one-way.

I realized that I was the one that broke the rule after the session and wrote a note to them that evening.  (In fact, I was quite exhausted as I talked almost three hours!)    I felt so bad as I did not engage them in the discussion.

Judging from the responses to the  questionnaire, however, it seemed that most of the participants found the session informative and interesting.   Yes, quite a few of them mentioned that they could not participate!

So I learned a good lesson!  I need to make every effort to engage them to keep it lively and fun.  I will keep that in mind for the next session!

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