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Today, I did two things for myself.  These few weeks have been full of activities and deadlines that I needed some break.  So, I went to visit the show by Mr. Hiroshi Okano at Yanagi gallery in Ginza.  I met Mr. Okano at G1-KIBOW charity dinner on Monday  where his two paintings were auctioned.

We  talked briefly at dinner and he gave me the picture book and the information about his show.  I liked his paintings and his talk.  So I decided to visit his show before it ends on Saturday.   It was wonderful and we talked for a while at the gallery.  It gave me a nice break to enjoy art.

Then this evening, I went to Aikido class.  I was tempted not to go,  in order to get some rest (I have been getting up at 4:00 a.m. and with full schedule of seminars etc., I have found myself being physically as well as mentally exhausted.   I could also think of some other excuses such as rain!  But I did go and enjoyed thoroughly.  It was a small class and we went over some basic techniques.  It was a nice break for me as I had to concentrate on  learning.  Two things, even they were small, gave me a lot of energy.

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