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Last night (March 14), I attended the Forum organized by  NPO Cross Fields for companies and the Impact Fellows Kick off  Event by Impact Japan. Both of these two events are attempts to make an impact to the world.  Cross Fields offers programs for the Japanese companies which are interested in expanding into the developing countries. Their approach is  to design customized program for few young employees of the company to spend a month or two in the developing countries.  Those sent there need to identify the issues at the local NPO and help them with the assets their companies have in Japan.

I have introduced this initiative as one effective approach for the Japanese companies which struggle with expanding business operations in the developing countries.  (I met with D. Konuma, founder few years ago when they started the NPO.)  I wanted to hear the stories from those who spent a few months in the developing countries under their program.

It was clear that those had a great opportunity to define the problem, develop a solution that can be implemented with support of  the local NPO  as well as the headquarters of the company.   I was impressed with their presentation as they seemed to have learned what “leadership and innovation” is themselves.

Then I moved to the Impact Fellows Kick Off program held at Suntory Hall.  I have known people at Impact Japan and their effort to get their operations sustained.  Though I missed the special talk by Prof. I. Nonaka and Dr. K. Kurokawa, I saw the -presentations by six Impact Fellows.  All of them were very interesting, exciting and seem to have potential to make  a strong impact in the society.  Probably almost two years at KMD has made me appreciate what they are doing even more, as I have a much better sense of what they are trying to do.  (I hope I myself have changed somewhat over the past two years, hopefully for the better!)

At the networking dinner, I met with some old friends, met with new people who  turned out to be connected to my friends.  In fact, I have had meetings today to discuss some new ideas generated from last night!

Though it was back to back meetings and I had to rush, the evening was a great opportunity for me to have a lot of hope for the future.

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