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This evening I was invited to give a talk at the company which is just about to make the GAS 2010 project happen.  During GAS 2010, we had individual projects done by some 50 participants for the period of 10 months.  One of them which won the Grand Prize finally convinced the company he works for to make his project happen.

It took some 3 years to come to this far after many meetings with the executives and a lot of explanation of the original concept.  The original concept has evolved quite extensively and this evening marked the official? beginning of the project.

BLW-SpeakerEvent0311anagettBluewingI felt very honored to be invited to give a talk to the big group and enjoyed every minute of it.  Though I was not sure whether I wanted to come to the get-together afterwards with the members of  the project (as I have breakfast meeting tomorrow morning and late night teleconferencing!),  I could not pass the opportunity to meet with the people engaged in the project.  So I stayed on t have beer (I even tried rose beer? which was very tasty) and nice conversation with the members.

It made me even more enthusiastic about the upcoming Global Agenda Seminar 2013.  Now the application is open and we hope that many of you apply to join  the exciting and stimulating group of young people interested and committed to be global leaders.  For details, pleas check this.( in Japanese only, my apologies.)

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