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The Fifth G1 Summit is underway at Urabandai. It is the first time I participate in G1 Summit, as I have not been able to participate due to various official events at KMD. This year, I got lucky and will go to the venue tomorrow, February 10, to moderate the panel discussion entitled “Recovery of Fukushima/Tohoku and Re-creation of Japan”. Panelists include Mr. Masayoshi Hamada, Vice Minister in charge of Recovery, Mr. Gosi Hosono of DPJ and Mr. Chikatomo Hodo of Accenture.

The conference that already started yesterday, has been live streamed today, February 9, and I was able to catch a part of it. Discussion/interaction looked very stimulating and exciting. (There are many friends of mine participating!)

I will go to Inawashiro just in time to do the panel and need to leave right after the panel tomorrow, but I am very honored to be invited to such an exciting and significant event.

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