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I have introduced the special seminar- Davos in Tokyo, the other day. The date has been changed from January 24/25 to February 1, as  I received a last-minute invitation to attend the Annual Meeting there. (thus I cannot do it from Tokyo while the meeting is underway.)

Here are the updated details of the Special Seminar “Davos Experience in Tokyo.”

>> Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is scheduled to take place in Davos, Switzerland, from January 23 for five days. The topic for this year is Resilient Dynamism, reflecting the world in 2013 facing various risks.

You may have the impression that “Davos conference” is the high-level forum (probably too sophisticated to understand for us?!) as world leaders discuss/debate political, economic and social issues.  Some of you may have heard of Davos, but not quite sure what goes on, from the webcast & articles in the paper, partly because it is all in English that makes it hard to concentrate and follow. Davos is a small ski resort in Switzerland, with lots of snow (obvious as it is ski resort!) and hundreds of events take place at different locations during the five days. Thousands of world leaders pack in the small area, often making the traffic tough to cope and the walk to different locations too much.

The special seminar is to provide opportunities to brainstorm issues in English, right after the events at Davos. It will also be a good opportunity to meet with a group of people who are interested in global agenda and in participating in the international conferences such as Davos in the future.

With the facilitation by Yoko Ishikura, Professor at Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University,  participants will get the opportunities:
1. To engage in intellectual discussion similar to the one held in Davos in English. By brainstorming the topics and issues generated from the discussion/interview by world leaders in Davos.
2. To participate in selecting the topic, analyzing, expressing your ideas and discussing issues, rather than just watching or listening
3. To meet with people who share similar interests and to collaborate
4. To get the feel for Davos.

Dates & Time
February 1 (Fri) 18:30 Registration Open19:00 – 21:00
After the session, casual get-together is planned nearby for networking purposes. (For those who want to participate.)

Wilson Learning Innovation Center 1-10-6 Roppongi, Minato-Ku , Tokyo

*Note for those interested

Program is conducted in English.

After the session, we will have casual get-together for networking at nearby location.

2,000 yen for the main program.
3,000 yen for the get-together. (Preliminary)

Please use the  link for registration(it is in Japanese, my apology).  Details are available both in Japanese & in English (latter half) here.Davos Session20130201

>> I hope many of you will come!  See you there!

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