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I came across with one kind of  “professional” today. They are movers, who take care of packing, moving, and unpacking for your move.  As my 90-year old Dad was to move from the house he lived over five decades with his wife (who passed away several weeks ago at the age of 86) to the residence for senior citizens,  the move was a big deal.

I who have moved more than five times in the past two decades are more familiar with the move arrangement.  That is, if you ask the movers such as Yamato (my favorite), they will do almost everything for you.  As my Dad accumulated so much over the past five decades, it was a  major undertaking to attempt the move.  I spent the past several days, sorting (in many cases, just throwing away) and identifying which furniture goes to his new residence and which one to leave.

It was very interesting this morning to see my Dad who has never moved in the past five decades amazed and impressed with how efficient the movers are.  He could not believe that they take care of details AND very quick.  He was again very amazed and impressed when he saw how they unpacked everything and put them into the closets etc. as we asked (some we did not even ask!)

I thought this is one example of professional and well  established/evolving system.  As I love things that function well (compared with the red tape where you have to explain why you want etc.), I felt so relieved when we were finished with the move around 4:00 p.m.

Professionals, no matter what fields they are in, are proud of their work,  confident of their ability to deliver and committed to meet the agreed expectations of their task.  It is such a refreshing experience. (I came across with several in the process of move who are so far away from being “professional.”  So I am doubly impressed!)

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