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I have written about many opportunities open to young people to interact with people in different countries etc. several times, one of which is GEW2012 held a few weeks ago.   At GEW2012, we talked about the essay competition for the St. Gallen Symposium. At the panel at the reception held at the Swiss Residence, I mentioned as one of the  challenges for the Symposium is to raise its awareness in Japan, by increasing our PR activities as well as getting alumni (i.e. past participants) organized as they are the best ambassadors and sales representatives of the symposium.

I hear that there has been a group formed by past participants of the Symposium as an initiative for the platform.  There is a closed face book group You can email Francisco Valencia from Tokyo Institute of Technology at or tweet him at  @fvalwil  if you are interested.  Francisco is one of the people who  made it possible for me to talk at Tokyo Tech several months ago.

I think it is a wonderful initiative by the alumni (as I call them to help those who are interested, not only in St. Gallen Wing of Excellence, but also in other opportunities such as TEDxTokyo.  Do make the best of it.  As I often say, nothing will happen unless you apply.  You can never win unless you buy a lottery ticket!   Go for it!

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