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Since I have been in NYC since last week and have met with many American friends, the politics is one of the popular subjects of our conversation.  The main interest is the US Presidential election as the third and final debate was finished about 1 hour ago.

I often ask my friends about their views of the candidates and the prospect and judging from the media reporting, it seems it is such a dead heat between the two.  The last two weeks until the election day becomes the final battleground for both teams.  It is overwhelming how long the battle has been going on, how much energy and money has been needed to continue in the race.

Hearing my friends views about the two candidates, I start thinking about the leadership and its almost overwhelming requirement.   It was quite amazing that domestic economy turned out to be the main issue though the topic of the third debate was supposed to be on foreign policy.  What was even more surprising was, as I understand (as I was not watching the whole thing), that middle east and China were major topics in foreign policy discussion and not Europe or other countries in Asia or Africa.

I have been asked by my friends about the politics in Japan as well.  They are interested in the leadership as well as its foreign policy.

It is always good to hear the views of the people who live in the country.

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