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I have quite a few people I respect very much.  They include men, women, of different age, different nationality, and different profession. I believe I am quite fortunate to have found these people I respect very much through my own encounters, through media etc.

One of them is Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of IMF.  I happened to listen to her interview on CBS “60 minutes” last Sunday (“60 minutes” is one of the English audio podcasts I listen to every week.)   I liked the interview and decided to watch the video.

Though I have seen her at many conferences such as the World Economic Forum and St. Gallen Symposium, there were several things I found out during the interview.  They included her childhood days and big influence of her mother on her.  The episode about the job interview at the law firm was interesting and so was her remarks “What matters to me is that I am not the last one.” when asked about being the first woman as the Finance Minister of France and as the Managing Director of IMF.

I also found her extremely charming during the interview and at the scene at the market.  What impressed me most, however, as I recall now, is her remarks related to the “ego” during the negotiation etc. so minor compared with the life and death.  I felt that her sense of life and death she has is the strong base of her attitude and behaviors.  Here is the link to her interview.

As I was thinking about other super women in the world, I came across with the discussion on US Secretary of  State, Hillary Clinton’s paper in the Foreign Policy magazine. I happened to find some comments on the paper and finally located the paper now. (So I will read it probably tonight.)  I have NOT seen Secretary of State in person, so I cannot tell her style except I hear her speak and watch her on media.  She does has a tough job now that the world is becoming so multi-polar and many issues related to foreign policy have emerged at so many locations throughout the world.

Another person I respect very much is the Minister of Trade, Mari Pangestu, of Indonesia.  I have known her through my work on Competitiveness and have tremendous respect for her competence and dedication.

All three super women impress me so much as they are so down to earth and seem to have a balanced life.  They make me feel that  any one of us can  have tremendous potential and opportunity if we work hard, become professional and be dedicated.

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