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As I have been interested in lifelong learning to keep up with the changes taking place throughout the world, I have checked online programs that are   available today, such as Coursera, Khan Academy, edX ad Eudacity,

Few years ago, I tried logical thinking (12 week course) and since then some other courses (more as just checking rather than really taking the course like the first one I tried.) Since then, I keep receiving the recommendation and reminders from these organizations, but have not been able to allocate enough time to take the course.

I finally decided that I should give another try (I have been paying monthly as signed up for the program!) I spent sometime yesterday and today, watching the course by John Maeda (original reason why I signed up) and the one on taking photo by using iPhone. I enjoyed both very much and learned several things. I will apply what I learned from John’s course later on, but I tried the photography with iPhone today. Here is what I made.

Tried new skills I just learned.

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