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 As I watch President Trump’s reactions to North Korea and his statement about riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, I am reminded of the importance of leadership at the time of crisis, the kind of words leaders use and the decisions leaders need to make.
Importance of leadership has been discussed so often, and yet I am amazed at how leaders can change the course of the organization/country AND can even build or destroy the status/position so easily.

As everything is done in English as far as the news I hear now, I may not  get the subtle nuance of the words used. (so many parts I may miss.)
However, I see the power of words used by the leaders and particularly at the time of crisis. You have to use explicit, straightforwards words when they are warranted.

I believe it is the same with decisions. How you understand the situation and what decisions you focus on can make or break the society. This is quite important subject and I will continue on this blog.

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