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Since Wednesday, my friend spent 4 days in WH and left this afternoon for Vancouver. First few days were with smoke, but we managed to do outdoor activities such as hiking at Peak2Peak, Ziptrek and mountain bike ride. We BBQed every night on our grill and walked around the village to join many happy people.
Mountain biking was fun, but we lost each other as I was trying to extend our parking permit via smartphone, which did not quite work after several trials. We found each other after some time, however,  and she managed to take the bus as scheduled.

I am so glad that she was able to have a glimpse of blue sky with lovely mountains of WH on the last day. The weather is expected to turn cool and rainy starting tonight, which is good for smoke. I ended up walking 12 km today (with mountain bike and 5 holes of golf) w more than 20,000 steps!

I made short video of our day.  (It is a bit noisy with seaplane taking of, but you can get the feel for it. Voice over is in Japanese.)

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