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On the third day after my friend arrived from Tokyo, the smoke seems to get a bit better and we are able to see the mountains and a bit of blue sky. We made a reservation for Ziptrek Bear course a bit before noon. (We were fortunate as there were only two spaces available as of yesterday.)
We put our gear and helmet and went up to Whistler mountain. From there we tried five ziplines, the first four getting longer and faster. It was the third time (I believe) I tried ziptrek, but first for my friend.
It was fun except on the second line, we had to rescue? two of our colleagues including my friend that could not reach the point due to strong wind. The gentleman who just missed the grab by the guide on the other side had to be rescued? by the guide.
Despite this, it was fun and we had a wonderful time. For the last short one, we were expected to go upside down and some did. I made it but hit my head (helmet) as I was too excited? (no problem)
3 hour tour with many steps and beautiful scenery of trees high up in the mountains was a lot of fun. Here is the short video I prepared.

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