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 Our next session of Davos Experience in Tokyo #51 is scheduled for Friday, September 1 as I informed on this blog.  After the summer recess in August, it will be on the topic of Stress, Mindfulness and Neuroscience.
After our last session at Shiseido on July 28, our regular website of Davos.. in Tokyo series did not function for some time. As many different people have been in charge of technical side of the website, it took us some time to identify the cause of the problem and to find out how we could solve the problem.

Now it is back in action. Our apologies for the inconvenience we may have caused some of you.

You can find details and register for the next session through our regular site. (Quite a few people had already registered through the other website we informed while the website was down.) You can also see the video etc. of our last session. here.
I personally am very interested in the topic of next session : stress, mindfulness and neuroscience. It will be a good opportunity to find out more about this hot topic. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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