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 Today (Thursday, August 3), i drove to Squamish (some 50 km away from Whistler) to play golf with three friends and to meet with my Aikido instructor. Playing golf with three ladies has become an annual event as we meet in Squamish which is located half way between North Vancouver where they live and Whistler. We usually have coffee right after we play and chat briefly and then take off to two directions. Today, however, we decided to have light lunch and thus had some time to talk.
 As we just meet once a year, we have many things to catch up. (In fact, it was quite interesting as I explained how my activities have changed and what I have found through my talk/seminar series etc. It was a nice way for me to review my activities (as I had to explain).

Then I met with Aikido instructor who now lives and teaches in Squamish. Last year, we met for breakfast (I believe) before we played golf, but this year, we met after I played golf. He and his wife came to Squamish about a year ago and we mainly talked about changes in the past year in Tokyo, his work etc.

It was nice to have friends AND have some time to get to know them. It was a good day for me.
Squamish was cooler with nice breeze and less smoke than in Whistler.

Unfortunately, tomorrow will be another hot and smoky day…

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