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After 9 hour-flight from Haneda, our plane landed at Sydney. I have been to Sydney once (I believe), but it was exciting as Australia has not been my regular stop these several years. Qantas flight from Haneda to  Sydney was quite comfortable and I slept over 5 hours. It seemed that business class was full of Australians going home.
After standing on long lines for immigration and customs, I moved to the Qantas domestic terminal to catch a short flight to Canberra. I was met with the staff who took me to the hotel. On our way to the hotel (apartment style with everything!), he explained about Canberra, which was very nice.
It is COLD at 11 C. From hot and humid Tokyo to fall/winter like Canberra (unfortunately, it has been cloudy!), I felt a bit tired. After unpacking & checking the internet access, I went down to gym for my daily workout. After the workout, I felt much better, took a shower and took a nap for few hours.
Now I am finished with very nice dinner at the restaurant/bar at the hotel (according to the organizer, it is one of the best in Canberra!), and am ready to get some sleep in bed! Food was great (Menu was very different-none of regular items- and I asked for suggestions by the waitress, and ended up ordering specials, w wine and cheese.) I am glad I came today to recover and get ready for the official event starting tomorrow afternoon. It is nice to visit the new place.

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