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This evening (June 13), we hosted Special Seminar #1 of Global Agenda Seminar 2017. This is the first of the series this year (we will start workshop series next week on June 22.) Our guest speaker is Kentaro Sakakibara, representative director, CEO of Samurai Incubate Inc. which has been established to support start-ups in Israel as well as in Japan. Unlike other GAS seminar series, we conducted the session in Japanese so that we could send the message that English is NOT a big hurdle for operating in the world, if you have will to take action.
I found their effort in bringing large companies in Japan to link to the start ups in Israel very effective and found it very encouraging that investment by Japanese companies has increased so much in the past year or two.
What impressed me most, however, was his dedication to the mission of creating the world where people could lead peaceful life. His remarks regarding the definition of “genius” in Israel, the choice between life without headaches and that with many problems and appreciation you can get from solving them were also very interesting and insightful.
I hope that his straight approach to support start ups which “solves” the problem and his positive outlook of life has made as strong impression on those who participated as on me. I am grateful to Ken. Thank YOU!

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