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Recently I came across with a few remarks made by my friends on what makes or breaks our life and what we value in our life. What caught my attention is that “physical” handicap (as is often called”) such as eyesight, hearing loss, “disabled” etc. are NOT “handicap” of “disadvantage” as they can be resolved by technology. Example often used about the change in perception of so-called “handicap” is eyesight.(My friend Ken Endo who heads Xiborg often use this example.)  We used to say that wearing glasses makes people “missing” something. But now glasses are nothing indicating handicap any more. In fact, glasses can be a very nice “fashion item” to show people’s unique identity. Same holds true with prostheses. We can augment human physique as technology progresses.
What will make or break our life, then?  It is whether we can maintain high motivation or not. (according to my young friend, Yoichi Ochiai, in his interview addressed to high school students in Japanese.)
As I was thinking about these remarks, I came across with another materials which gave me another related perspective.  It is the materials for Global Future Council on Education,Gender and Work whereI serve as one of the members. It  discuss the importance of life long learning (in particular, how to keep motivation up for learning) and collaboration with robots etc. (for example for elderly care.)
I now realize the motivation and how to maintain it throughout our life is the key. I also recall that Yoshiharu Habu, professional Shogi player with many titles, once made a remarks along the same lines. He said “how to maintain enthusiasm, passion and motivation for pursuing/ developing/refining your expertise after long time makes or breaks.”
I fully agree with these remarks and wonder how I can keep my motivation up. I think the need for maintaining motivation has nothing to do with age, nationality, gender, background etc.

In a way it is a good news that motivation can make your life exciting and fun even though your physical condition weakens (I am a baby boomer generation and sometimes I feel my physical condition is declining…). So I will go with “Yes I can” attitude….

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