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This week, I had opportunities to meet/interact with people from different countries and with different backgrounds. Monday began with the breakfast session with the Jefferson Fellows 2017 (which is a group of journalists from different countries). Yesterday (Thursday), I had the chance to meet with students in CEMS program from different countries. Today(Friday), I met with two former GID students who spent the term at KMD two years ago and joined sessions of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.
I do enjoy these opportunities very much as it gives me different perspective and new insights/ideas. For example, I was asked questions such as the status of medical marijuana in Japan. This type of question is not raised in the meeting with the Japanese. It was also interesting to hear the perspectives regarding the potential of freelancing work style. One of the journalists talked about the difficulty of freelance work style without job security. I found the comment very interesting because my idea of advocating free lance work is based on my concern regarding too rigid and fixed notion of career and job in Japan.
The interaction with students and alumni from different countries gives me the insight into how younger generation see the issue and career, for example. Particularly when I found that the alumni of the exchange program have started variety of work in different parts of the world, I want young Japanese to see and feel the reality and potential of working in the global arena. (It is also very interesting how they see the advantage and benefit of Tokyo as compared with other big cities.)
Every meeting gives me food for thought and new perspectives. That is why I want people to go out of their playing field and to step out of their comfort zone. You will be surprised what you find there…

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