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When you feel that you “have to” do something-review the report, prepare the presentation, etc., you tend to see it as your “duty”. In my case, it comes as “another item on my  To do list” and I feel pressure with little excitement or expectation. If you see it from different perspective, i.e. what you can do with this for YOURSELF , what you can learn from it to solve some of YOUR headaches, the task has totally different meaning.
When you are told to do something, your motivation usually plummets. When you make it your choice and/or what you want to do for whatever reason, you feel excited even to start.
You might remember the days in your childhood as follows. You want to do something -anything such as take on the new, challenging project/homework -and all excited. At that very moment, your parents tell you “what happened to that project/homework?” In that instant, I lose motivation and get angry at my parents who get ahead of me! It is now something you are told to do i.e. you have to do. Remember that feeling? I can almost feel it so vividly.
It is the same thing. I find myself motivated when I find something in the task I am assigned that I can benefit myself and/or find the relevance to the issues I have in mind. I can concentrate much more because I am thinking what I can get out of it, rather than simply reviewing somebody else’s work and make comments.
I realize it is not always easy to find relevance, meaning and/or benefit in what you are asked/told to do. But you can use your creativity and imagination to find some sparkle in most boring task… You want to try?

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