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Last two days of my stay in NYC were great opportunity and encounter for me.
On Tuesday, April 11, I joined Business Matters of BBC Radio at their downtown studio. I had done this show a few times a while ago from Tokyo. They wanted me to do it again earlier, but with no studio of their own in Tokyo, we could not do it. Instead, they decided I would join them from their NY studio.
Topics included Secretary Tillerson’s visit to Russia, Toshiba, robot-proof job, and fashion trend. I was asked about Toshiba issue and job that is free from automation. The fashion trend of rainbow colour was something I had no idea. As I like bright colours, I welcome this trend. I need to be creative as to how I can make rainbow colours with what I have!
Last evening in NYC was the panel at the Japan Society. This was the objective of this trip and I had been looking forward to it. It was originally scheduled for February for which I came, but it was canceled due to the heavy snow.
I did not think we would have snow, but a bit concerned as we tend to have extreme weather these days, whether in New York or in Tokyo. It turned out to be a very nice day.
Three panelists including myself and the moderator discussed work-life balance and long work hours etc. We received many questions from the floor. It was very exciting event for me. I am grateful for these opportunities. I talked with many at the networking event and met with the lady who came to FIT on the Uniqlo/FIT scholarship she found on my blog. I was thrilled that my blog post opened new opportunity for at least one person.

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