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I received a note last night saying that one of my best friends from high school days passed away. She has suffered from cancer etc. these few years, but she was always full of energy and life, making my biannual Ladies night such fun occasion. She was very athletic since high school days and I never was able to beat her in tennis game. She was also the first that tried something new-website of her own, use of smartphone etc. She could not come to my bi-annual Ladies night in the past few years, as she said coming to Tokyo was a bit too much. I sometimes sent her sms to find out how she was. She responded about a month ago with some not great news, but was very positive and in good spirits. So I was quite surprised to hear the news.
She had a good life with her husband doing many things with her and caring for me, and in addition with many cats (she loved-reason I could not visit her due to allergy).
This evening, I went to the 9/11 memorial downtown as the BBC studio where I joined the show Business matters was located right next to it. I went there early as I was not sure where the building was. It was a good move as I got to visit the site. Being there brought back many memories of 9/11.
These two made me think about what life means to us. I am reminded of the importance of living a day to the fullest.

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