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This evening, I went to the Tokyo Forum of Beyond Tomorrow Orientation Program.  Beyond Tomorrow was established in 2011 for the students who suffered from big earthquake in March.  It was the program to give scholarships and other opportunities to young people in the Tohoku area.  Some of my friends(including Minami Tsubouchi, Secretary General of this NPO)  are very much involved and I had the pleasure to run workshops at few programs.

Starting last year the scope was extended to cover the whole Japan and this year, two programs “Japan Future Scholarship program” for students who are to be enrolled in college and “Endeavour” for high school students in the care facilities who want to go on to college have just started.  Today was the second and last day or orientation program in Tokyo as students will go to Sendai tomorrow to finish two more days of the program.

After the program introduction, students speech, and the Minister Kato’s remarks, four presentations were made by the students to address issues and recommendations based upon their own experiences.  As i was reading introduction and hope of students found in the program,  I was very impressed and inspired.   Mrs. Akie Abe made comments at the end, followed by reception.  Here is the short video I made of the event. (voice over in English)

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