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 Last night, I had dinner at wine bar in Shibuya with people from IBM.   They have helped me with the Business Strategy course at KMD in the past several years and we usually have dinner together after the course is over.  This time, we could not have those who came to give a talk at our class this past year, but I managed to have three who have helped us in the past and one that will join KMD soon.   The photo on the left is the month of March in IBM calendar they gave me.  I do like this drawing? entitled “Cherry blossoms in evening I saw in France”

This wine bar is one of my suggestions as I like the relaxing atmosphere and great food. (quite creative and we can even eat with chopsticks!)  They recommend wine that goes with the food we choose, and our preference.  (I like wine, but not too knowledgeable, so I appreciate their recommendation.)   Many years ago, my friend took me there and it has become one of my favourite places.

As always, food was good and so was wine.  What I liked best , though, was the conversation we had.  It is nice to talk about many things in casual set-up.

They gave me nice bouquet as my birthday is coming up soon. (and we can also celebrate St. Patrick’s day!)   Great way to start long weekend.

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