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As April marks beginning of fiscal/academic year etc. in Japan, the month of March marks the new beginning for many people. Some start working after finishing school, others may change their job, etc. It is also the time for many transfers. I receive quite a few notes announcing the new assignment of my friends.
 As spring comes in March/April and cherry blossoms bloom, many may feel it is the new beginning of their life. You see many articles/shows that mark the new beginning.
I think it will be nice for everybody if that marks the new beginning. As I have written many times (mainly in Japanese) I am the kind of person that wants to try something new every day. I often say that life is no fun if today is the same as yesterday and tomorrow is the same as today. (I realise not many people like this idea.)
What I want to emphasize is you should NOT hang in once you give a position/responsibility to new people. What bothers me often is that some old guards stay on even after they hand over the position with responsibility to the next leader group. I am sometimes amazed that leaders who used to show innovative mind and willingness to take risks stay on. I have criticised those who come to office after they retire, more so if they are the leaders that have shaped the important history of the organization. There are some I respect tremendously as their departure is so clean cut and they are on to something new themselves.
I think the season should be NEW beginning for everybody, rather than for the nostalgia. Things change and the only way we can keep up is to change with it, rather than pretend as if nothing changed.

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