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It seems  spring is finally here in Tokyo. This morning (Sunday, March 12) it was still cold with northerly wind, but during the day, the bright sun came out and it got quite warm.
As  I saw many people walking toward Komazawa Park on my way back from Aiikido class, I checked what was going on there. There is “Para Ekiden” held at the park, and I decided to check it out. (It was such as beautiful day that I could not stay inside!)
Many families were there, enjoying the spring day. I did not go into the main stadium for the meet, but saw some people running along the jogging course I usually run in nice weather. Long lines of people were waiting for the food stall which sells Yakisoba among other things.
I saw white plum tree at the park, but could tell that cherry blossoms will be coming soon, to make us feel even more spring like. Spring day like today is such a contrast to the blizzard forecast for the US east coast.   There was a possibility that I would have been in New York this past week, so I feel fortunate to be in Tokyo… Past two trips to NYC, I encountered heavy snow! But not the third time, I hope…

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