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WE often end the meeting with old friends after some time and/or with new friends whom we get along even after brief encounter, with “Let’s get together soon” type of expression. I now realize “soon” would NOT happen unless I make it happen. So I almost force myself to move immediately and to do something in order to make it happen. I do simple things such as searching the activities this person is involved and go to see it myself, propose several dates for discussing the possibility of collaboration and/or suggest some dates for lunch or dinner. What is important is “DO it NOW”
I also realize that short notice often works better to plan something with several people. In fact, I decided on the date and informed people who have come to Davos Experience in Tokyo series more than five times, i.e.candidates for Yoko’s bar” a few days before the proposed date and five people were able to make it. We tend to think that scheduling well in advance may work better, but people are busy and many things may come up. Even though you decide on the date a few months in advance, the person you want to invite may go out of the country on business, face a kind of crisis, etc. etc. and may not be able to make it.
If you do not act immediately after, you lose momentum and do not even recall the excitement or inspiration you feel.
It is my policy to choose the earliest one, whenever I face several possible dates. I believe in “the sooner, the better” philosophy…
As I think about it, this sense of urgency (“sort of”) may be because I realize time passes and today will never be back. The fact I am alive today does not mean that I will be alive tomorrow. It is my belief that I want to live for a day. I do not want to feel regrets after something happens, saying “I should have done that. I wanted to do it.”
I often say that “If today is the same as yesterday, if tomorrow is the same as today, life is no fun.” “I want to do something new every day” when I give a talk to the young students or business people. They tend to find my remarks quite surprising. It may be coming from the same sense of urgency and focus on “now.”..

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