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It was very warm with strong spring No. 1 gust today. I spent almost all day inside, working sorting documents etc.. In the afternoon, I decided to go out to be in the sun, as being in the sun helps you get over jet lag. It was such a nice day to walk around and I walked to Jiyugaoka, little over 3km, while listening to the press conference by the President Trump.   Regarding the press conference, it sounded as if I was listening to the “reality TV show” -I believe that is what is called in the US?   It is quite amazing that the president of the United States acts like a host of reality TV show….  When you come to think of it, he was and he has NOT changed… I was hoping to see plum tree starting to blossom, but did not see it yet.
With blue sky and warm weather, we can look forward to spring despite upcoming unexpected events.  Are you ready?

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