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We often hear that we are now all connected. Sometimes it is great to be connected and other times, it brings threat and fear. Taking the positive side of things, I feel one of the benefits of technology is that you can have direct contact with people throughout the world. You can send note to the people you admire/adore if you can get their contact information, which is not too hard.
Despite this, I sometimes get request from my friends who want to introduce some others to me. Sometimes it is an inquiry about the seminar/talk/interview, and other times, it is a request for me to write a letter of recommendation or to give my name as reference. It appears that some people like to go through “human introduction” than contact me directly about some questions, inquiries etc.
I personally prefer direct contact- whether I am the person that tries to contact some or I am the person some one wants to contact. I think it would be be better if you go direct. It is because of the following reasons.
-You can explain why you want to have this person for seminar, as guest, or whatever, with more passion and enthusiasm. If it is you that wants this person, you are the person in charge and are the best person to persuade.
-You end up not wasting time of the other people.

When I want to ask favor of people I have never met, such as asking whether they would come to be guest speaker of the seminar series, I look for their email address etc. and contact them directly. If I do not know their email address or any way I can get in touch with them, I will look for people among my friends who might know the person I want to contact. It is just about the only time I ask for introduction.

Time is scarce resource for anybody and I think going direct will be more efficient and effective. I like almost anything direct-whether it is a flight or even grocery shopping. I go to the sections where there are items I want, pick them up and turn around them to pay. May be I am focusing too much on efficiency and going TOO direct???

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