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Preview of Sunset Boulevard is now on at Broadway with Glenn Close as Norma Desmond and Andrew Lloyd Weber on music from London. I wanted to see the show for this combination and, in addition, I saw great review on NY Times few days ago. So I decided to try my luck for my last day in NYC this trip.
It is rather difficult to buy one ticket from resale site, but I located one for matinee today, Saturday, Feb. 11. (How lucky me!)
It was absolutely so fantastic and I was overwhelmed. Glenn Close who played the part for the first performance over 20 years ago and won Tony is amazing beyond words. Music by 40-member orchestra on stage is so powerful. (I recall the orchestra for Cats which I saw the other day was so impressive, too.)
As soon as Glenn Close showed up on stage, the audience gave her welcome applause and when she finished a song in the middle, we went crazy and she had to stop for some time. Standing ovation at the end lasted for a while.
The story makes you think and the main cast from London performance was fabulous. I have no idea how she could do two shows a day of this intensity. I am so moved and so inspired to see great performance by real professionals. It made my day and I am so fortunate to be able to see it on my last day. Here is the trailer.

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