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This evening (Friday, Feb. 10) I went to the NY Phil concert as a part of Tchaikovsky Festival. Pieces on the program included well known Symphony No. 6 Pathetique and I bought the ticket (off regular price) which became available.
I was scheduled to go to open rehearsal yesterday, Thursday morning, but it was canceled due to the heavy snow. It turned out that the conductor, Semyon Bychkov who conducted the program on Tuesday, fell ill and assistant conductor of NY Phil conducted instead. (He conducted the first night, yesterday, too.)
He was great and I loved the program. (They skipped the first Overture by Taneyev.) I also found that the audience tonight was much younger than regular audience. (In fact, the audience on Tuesday was “typical” NY Phil audience, i.e. older crowd.
This evening I noticed majority were young and when I had a glass of wine (it was happy hour at the Kitchen during intermission,) there were so many young people.
As I was walking out of the David Geffen Hall after the concert, I overheard that weekend concerts tend to have more young people, as “weatlthier, i.e. older” people tend to go out to the country house in the suburbs for the weekend. Now mystery is solved and so was my impression.
We often say that classical music concert does not attract younger audience, but here in NY, (and probably elsewhere), they try to appeal to young people by offering discount tickets etc. (In fact, the one on Saturday by Orpheus at Carnegie Hall had so many students as a part of access to Orpheus.) I think these initiatives are wonderful and it definitely brings a different air to the concert.

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