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Prime Minister Abe may be focusing his energy on upcoming talk with President Trump in Washington DC this Friday (and golf in Florida!) and away from “work style” reform which he has included in one of the pillars of the Third Arrow 2.0?
I have had opportunity to participate in the panel, to be asked for interview on this topic a few times recently and will serve as one of the panelists on Thursday, February 9 at the Japan Society in New York. For the panel, I am reading/reviewing information of the other panelists.
On February 24, at #session 45 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we will address this topic of work style reform, in particular, how we use time/energy. I plan to discuss how I find the panel discussion in New York so that we can share some ideas.
For those who may be inclined to shy away from the “discussion in English”, please join us as each one of us will share our own experience in small groups and brainstorm, in much more casual and informal way than typical “Japanese” style. You can take a look at our mini video from our last session to get the feel. (It now includes the short interview with our guest before the session.)  For the one on Feb. 24, details and registration is here. Hope I get to see many of you.

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