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expocenteryiAnnual Meeting of New Champions by the World Economic Forum is held in Dalian, China. I came to Dalian yesterday. This is the second time to visit Dalian, a beautiful city, after the visit two years ago for the inaugural meeting of New Champions.

Today, I attended two ideaslab sessions–one by the Oxford University entitled “Global challenges” and the other entitled “Social Entrepreneurs.” The format of ideaslab is new and is lively, dynamic and thought-provoking. As I am scheduled to moderate two ideaslab sessions during the Forum, I wanted to see what it is like and to learn the tips. Richard Pascale, a master of these things, is kind enough to give me many suggestions and advices.
I attended the sessions as participants and had a great time.

neworkspaceI also attended the Work Space session entitled “North East Asia collaboration”. It was much longer than ideaslab session, and consisted of two parts–the first divided by national teams-China, Korea and Japan to identify two top priority items for the country for regional collaboration, and the second with mixed teams to develop specific actions plans to resolve the issues of our choice. It was also a lot of fun.

The first day of the Forum ended with the opening ceremony with Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab, and speech by the Premier Wen Jiabao, of the People’s Republic of China.

It was full of interesting ideas, action programs and fun. There were quite a few receptions which marked the end of the long day.

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